Friday, December 30, 2011

Good bye 2011!


The year of 2011 is practically over. I dreamed a lot before this year started,  and everything was perfect! I had the wedding that I dreamed of (I will post later about the table numbers and favors that I made), my husband and I moved to Philadelphia and now I'm investing in my business. Along 2011 I used my pink Smash* book from K & Company for journaling everything that happened. I loved to use Smash* books! Years ago I tried to do a scrapbook containing photos from the time I met my husband until the wedding, in June 2011; but I didn't have much patience and I only did it up to the first year of dating (of a total of five!).
 So I did well with journaling, because I like writing and sometimes put a picture to illustrate. Now I have to choose the 2012 Smash* book. I've done the blue (retro) and pink (pretty) already. I have to choose between red (doodle), black (mod) and green (eco). Maybe I will choose the red!
Happy New Year, everybody!!

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