Thursday, March 22, 2012

Moo Minicards + Fabric Selvages = Bookmarks!

Moo minicards are a lot of fun! They are so cute and—what is awesome—you can design them the way you want… offers a great variety of templates and ideas: check it out. 

I got my cards two weeks ago and loved them: they have quotes that say things to cheer you up. I used to save fabric selvages and wasn’t sure what I would do with them. Then, looking at my moo cards, it occurred to me that I could transform them into bookmarks… 
I made a hole using a punch on the minicard and stitched the selvages in it.

I now send them to my customers hoping that they remember my shop and find my business cards/bookmarks useful and cute. Put your comments down and let me know if you like it!!

1 comment:

Mommacatcachu said...

Yay! What an EXCELLENT idea! You are so creative! ;D